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Author, illustrator and PitchMark user Tienny The at her book launch during the 2018 Singapore Writers Festival
Author, illustrator and PitchMark user Tienny The at her book launch during the 2018 Singapore Writers Festival

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PitchMark Innovator Spotlight: Author and illustrator Tienny The

A creative who specialises in illustrations and animation, Tienny The has been fascinated with visual and narrative storytelling since she was a child. “From a very young age, I enjoyed drawing and creating stories whenever ideas inspired and spurred my imagination,” she shares.

To turn this interest into a career, she entered Lasalle College of the Arts to train in Animation Art. She later earned her BA in Illustration and Animation Design and her MA in Design Management from Raffles Design Institute in Singapore.

Tienny focuses on creating illustration and animation for young children, and is skilled in pre-production processes, including storyboarding and character design. She has created 2D animation for Google, illustrated children’s books, and has taught art to children as well.

She encountered PitchMark in 2013, and attended our official launch. She says PitchMark’s vision and mission of helping innovators protect their ideas resonated with her. “As a freelance creative, PitchMark’s services seem to be a great fit for me.” 

As the IP protection status of proposals and concepts submitted during the pitching process can be very ambiguous and very vulnerable, PitchMark aims to better protect creatives’ IP by generating a certificate that serves as evidence that they created their pitch materials before the date and time of the certificate.

PitchMark can also trace the expression and distribution of original concepts, designs, proposals, business plans, and other creative ideas and expressions. Using the PitchMark logo on their materials also serves as a signal to potential clients that they take your IP protection seriously.

“I have heard some negative experiences from others about the publication industry, and I wondered how to find some solutions,” Tienny explains. “I feel PitchMark can protect my presented story ideas and its art forms. It is an excellent platform for creatives, to introduce the importance of registering their works before pitching to potential publishers or other partners.”

For these reasons, Tienny put the PitchMark logo on her website. In 2018, when she wrote and illustrated a picture book titled Turtle City: Cavity Monsters, she also used the PitchMark logo on her pitch materials when approaching various publishers, and used the PitchMark certificate as well.

PitchMark helps innovators deter idea theft, so that clients get the idea but not take it. To find more about our services, visit and register for free as a PitchMark member today.




Mark Laudi

Mark Laudi

Press contact Managing Partner (+65) 6223 2249

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Let your clients get the idea, without taking it.

PitchMark deters idea theft and provides you with options if it happens.

PitchMark protects the expression of your original concepts, designs, proposals, business plans, creative pitches, music - in short, any idea that you conceived and published, and claim as your own. It gives you peace-of-mind by signalling to whoever you share it with that you are its creator, and that you wish to be respected as such.

If you receive or evaluate ideas or pitches, join PitchMark as a sign of your commitment to respect the Intellectual Property rights of their creators. Attract more in-depth pitches from a wider range of sources. Highlight your PitchMark membership in your Sustainability or CSR Report.