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The invoice Frankart sent to BrewDog (source: Twitter)
The invoice Frankart sent to BrewDog (source: Twitter)

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BrewDog now accused of stealing ideas from job interviewees

BrewDog has been accused by an American marketer, Jenny Frankart, of stealing her marketing ideas during a job interview.

Frankart claimed BrewDog asked her to come up with ideas for a marketing position and flew from California to Columbus to attend four interviews.

She said she submitted a marketing strategy for the year 2018 to BrewDog, and the whole interview process lasted five months in 2017. She was working in California and was trying to move to Columbus to be closer to her family.

Frankart said: "Upon their request, submitted idea after idea, flew out for my fourth interview, with James Watt of BrewDog, only to be blown off."

"I was told I would be reimbursed for my flight, told I was the top candidate repeatedly, submitted countless ideas over five months while trying to move," she said.

Frankart's interview process ended with her being: "…ghosted, not reimbursed and made to feel like a fool."

Frankart eventually billed BrewDog for her time. She charged the company an hourly rate of US$125. The invoice included 10 hours of brainstorming sessions with BrewDog (US$1,250), the 2018 marketing plan that took 15 hours for her to come up with (US$1,875), and a flight from Los Angeles to Columbus, and a number of Skype interviews.

We have not seen an interview process that is as exhaustive as BrewDog's.

BrewDog’s co-founder James Watt told The Mirror: "We have never and will never use a concept from an interview process without consultation with that individual and, of course, payment."

He said the company honored its promise to refund the cost of flights for candidates but is adamant about not paying job applicants for their time during the interview process.

We are not sure if Frankart has received any payment for her other invoice items.

Frankart seems to have put an end to the issue by saying on Twitter: "Thank you all so much for your support in #wrongedbybrewdog. This has been an incredibly frustrating, saddening time for so many in creative professions. I am humbled by the similar experiences you’ve shared. Creatives, your work has value. Don’t give up. Continue to flourish."

We have written about how BrewDog was accused by ad agency Manifest of stealing their idea and working with another agency. That matter has now been amicably resolved, with both sides not revealing much on the settlement.

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