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South Korean gaming company NCSOFT accuses Kakao Games of plagiarism

The creators of the mobile role-playing game ArcheAge War are being sued by South Korean video game developer NCSOFT for allegedly violating the copyright in its mobile game Lineage 2M.

The company filed the lawsuit in the Seoul Central District Court against the game's publisher Kakao Games and developer XL Games for copyright infringement and unfair competition, claiming that ArcheAge War “imitated numerous features and systems” from its “flagship” game.

The business said that it made the decision to launch the case as part of its attempts to safeguard its intellectual property, which it claimed to have produced after carrying out research operations for a considerable amount of time.

"NCSOFT is determined that ArcheAge War has unlawfully copied and plagiarized NCSOFT's intellectual property beyond the similarity of the genre," the company added.

Kakao Games is yet to comment on the allegations.

PitchMark recently covered a story about an American game development and publishing company, Riot Games, that sued Chinese gaming company NetEase for allegedly copying “substantial parts” of its game Valorant.

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