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World IP Forum (WIPF)

World IP Forum (WIPF)

Event date 26 April 2021 – 5 May 2021

Location Virtual

IP Infringement During Creative Pitches: 2 Case Studies from Southeast Asia

Have you ever presented a great idea, only to have the client reject it? But then weeks later you see your idea on TV / in print / online, executed by someone else? And you never got the credit or got paid?

Join our panel of experts, Mark Laudi of PitchMark LLP, Cyril Chua of Robinson LLC, Nan Eliana of Bridges M&C, Miguel Bernas of Timber Wolf Media, and Vernon Leow of Vital Images as they discuss their experiences with stolen ideas on April 29, 2021 during the World IP Forum (WIPF)

The World IP Forum will take place digitally from April 26 to May 5, 2021 with the theme 'Intellectual Property 2021: New Risks, New Challenges & Emerging Solutions'.



Mark Laudi

Mark Laudi

Press contact Managing Partner (+65) 6223 2249

Let your clients get the idea, without taking it.

PitchMark deters idea theft and provides you with options if it happens.

PitchMark protects the expression of your original concepts, designs, proposals, business plans, creative pitches, music - in short, any idea that you conceived and published, and claim as your own. It gives you peace-of-mind by signalling to whoever you share it with that you are its creator, and that you wish to be respected as such.

If you receive or evaluate ideas or pitches, join PitchMark as a sign of your commitment to respect the Intellectual Property rights of their creators. Attract more in-depth pitches from a wider range of sources. Highlight your PitchMark membership in your Sustainability or CSR Report.